Ranking across a dimension consisting of multiple list items




I'm trying to create a sort of 'heat map' based on percentages within columns in a table. 


Basically, what I'm trying to do is transform this table into something where each column would be separate from the other in terms of conditional formatting.


For example, 'training period' would have 'problems with solute/water clearance' and 'peritoneal leaks/hernia' as the deepest color red because they’re the highest percentages within that column and then everything from there would be gradually shaded less and less depending on what the percentage is.


The problem is, I want this to happen within each column - not across the entire table. I have been trying to formulate some type of rank formula but each column is representative of a different member in a list so it's a bit difficult. 


Has anyone performed something similar? 


Any type of help would be much appreciated! Thanks! 


  • @CommunityMember127834 


     Are you saying that you want to format line items based on their list items or percentages of their list items. For Example Training period Line item has 

    Solute Water Clearance - that should be deep red

    Hernia or something - Deep red

    Less Hernia - Amber

    Least Hernia - Yellow 


    If the understanding is not right please share the mock up for this? (excel would do).




  • @Misbah  yes exactly -


    From red to yellow to green based off of the percentages like the picture I have attachedRank issue 2.JPG 

  • @CommunityMember127834 


    Yes, conditional formatting is applied on the line item and is not applied on list item level. Having said that if your list is a structural list probably this kind of heat map can be created. Assuming your list is a structural list


    First Create a Line item Subset (LIS) based on the line items that you have in current module

    Insert one line item  for every list item

    Use COLLECT() to pull the values

    Format your line items based on the logic



  • @Misbah hey -


    Can you specify what you mean by structural list?