INV01 Module - Some observations in Override Switches


Hi Anaplan team


In both  'Óverride Suggested Order Amount' and 'Override Shipping Method' toggle switch scenarios, when ''checked''

the user entered values at  lineitems Override Amount and Override Method correspondingly reflect in Final Shipment Amount and Final Shipping Method as per formula.Here are the steps :


Initial values before using switch :



After checking the boxes and user entered amount :



After unchecking the boxes again :




But the issue is, after Unchecking again, the user enter values not getting initialized back to 0 or blank respectively and leaving the lineitems with previously entered values. The user has to manually clear the entered values after unchecking the boxes or the screen needs a refresh.


If the user leaves it unitialized, the entered values are shown along with formula picked values in the following next lineitem. This display is misleading.


Is this display intentional or bug oversight?




  • One more thing : ISBLANK() on Override Method shall fail in Final Shipping Method formula.
  • Hi @shrebalaji,

    you are missing something in your module. Indeed, after you uncheck the 'Override Shipping Method' then 'Override Method' should be blank. This is how I can see it works in my model.


    Are you familiar with Dynamic Cell Access yet? Taking advantage of this feature you can achieve the desired solution. Let me know if you need any more hints or you have questions!

  • I simply went by course instruction on this part and dint't give a thought on applying DCA. Anyhow let me work with that missing part.  Thank for your tips.