Referencing a property of a parent list in a list item


Need to reference the property of a Parent list in a list item of a module Example Module: Deals List Item: SKU Tax Lists: SKU (Child), Product (Parent) Desired outcome: function: Deals.SKU Tax = Parent(SKU).Tax Property Please provide an example on how to accomplish.

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    You might want to use the lookup function to achieve this. Please find below the explanation for the same.
    I have taken 2 lists: SKU, Country(Child) and Cluster(Parent)
    Now for each SKU, I want to show the Tax Property. The property is added in Cluster list. So the tax property of a SKU will be the same value as the country and cluster the SKU belongs to.
    Then I created a module which has both SKU and Country as dimension. Please find attached the screenshot of the lists and the blueprint of the module. Make sure that you use the correct format for the various line items to achieve the results.

    Cluster.Tax Property[LOOKUP: Cluster]