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I have a list of 'Brands' which is a production list. I know that 'select' function does not work with prod list members however, it should work with the list top member/ highest level . But when I am using it with the highest level i.e. 'All Categories' I am getting an error that the list member or version is not recognised in the model. Please help me understand the reason/ meaning of this particular error.


Thanks in advance!


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  • nikolay_denisov


    If I get it right you have a 4 level nested hierarchy,

    And your formula is correct, it is just a problem of a Top Level Item.

    You need to check each setting of a top level items in each of a list:

    P1 - All Products

    P2 - No Top Item setting 

    P3 - No Top Item setting 

    P4 - All Subcategories

    It happens formula error if your top level Item for P4 is different from P1. So you would need to click on settings gear->go to the lists->open P1 list-> click on a top level item.

    Also I agree that you dont need if-then-else statement for simple comparisons like XXX<>0, it is much simpler to use boolean logic


  • Hi @CommunityMember131357,

    can you attach a screenshot of your list with top level, and formula you are trying to write?

    Are you typing your top level manually or selecting from the list? This is often reason of such an error. 

  • @CommunityMember131357 


    As @filip.sypniewski said it could happen if you are typing the name of your top level leading to inaccuracies. What you can do is after select statement go to the list and point it to the top level instead of writing the name of the top level. 

  • Hi @CommunityMember131357 


    It should work fine, as @Misbah , instead click on the top level item of the production list

  • Hi @Misbah@filip.sypniewski@Kanishq17 


    I am writing the formula after selecting it directly from the list only. Attached is the screenshot of the formula and the error that I am getting.Formula error.JPG


    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @CommunityMember131357 


    Confirm that your source module has P4 Brand as a dimension and your target module doesn't have it.


    If yes, then you don't need to write SELECT statement on All Categories. Anaplan will automatically pull the top level into target module.

    Your formula should be

    123 = IF 'internal P&L - w/o time'.Structure cost<> 0 then TRUE else FALSE 

    or simply write 

    123 = 'internal P&L - w/o time'.Structure cost<> 0

    as there is no need of IF else statement

  • Hi @Misbah ,


    Thanks for your reply but however the target and the source module both have the list 'P4 Brand' as a dimension. So, any idea on around why this is happening?


    Thanks in advance!

  • @CommunityMember131357 


    Then my friend SELECT statement can't be used. SELECT is used when you have a dimension which is in source module but not in target module. Either you get rid of the P4 dimension in target module & use SELECT or just get rid of SELECT which will not help you the way you describe your requirement. First approach should help you where you remove the P4 as a dimension from your target module.


    Error that you are receiving might be because you have the dimensions matching and you are using SELECT on matching dimensions.

  • Hi @Misbah,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have removed P4 List Dimension from the target module and kept only in the source module but still it's not working and giving me the same error.
  • Hi @nikolay,

    Thanks for your help.

    This way we have been able to execute the formula. But however both the lists had same parent i.e. 'All Categories'. So any idea why this happened?