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Currently if user wishes to input the data in the mobile app the card or the grid pops out and takes the entire screen. Idea I am proposing is NOT to pop out the card or the grid so that the user sees other cards before inputting anything. This will reduce the back and forth movement to see other cards while inputting the numbers

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  • Hi Misbah, this is now on our roadmap and we're planning to release it within the next 2-3 months. We've recently released this functionality for field cards, so you can now make changes to fields without needing to maximise the card. I'll post further updates here as there are any changes - Emily (Mobile App Product Manager)



  • Thank you @EmilyJ  for the update.

  • Hi @Misbah just to let you know that this is now available in the latest version of the mobile app (v1.0.108). 

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