Formula error - dimension issue



Can someone assist with a formula error I'm receiving?

I currently have 3 modules (see attached), and in the third module, I'm trying to calculate the number of meetings by entity and product.  The error message I receive is: Dimension of mapping used for aggregation doesn't match any dimension of the source.


My formula is: 'C_Meetings by Entity'.Total Meetings[SUM: 'C_Meetings by Entity'.Product]


Can someone please direct me to where I'm going wrong?

Thanks in advance


  • You are summing by product which seems un-necessary as you have products in all source modules.

    However if module 1 is the source, you don't have entity here so you'd need to SUM of an entity property (individual can be mapped to entity maybe ?)

  • Hi @CommunityMember113484 


    I am not sure about your proper use case & calculation, I have tried to replicate your scenario

    as you already mentioned about the modules on top of it i have created one mapping module & one to find the meeting count.











    Hope this helps!






  • Ah okay I see.  So in my Module 1 now, I have both meeting ID, individual, product and entity. 

    In module 3 which attempts to sum total meetings product and entity, I'm still getting the same error? 



    You need to bring the dimension of "Meeting" into module 3. In module 3 try creating a line item that is dimensioned by "Meeting". Then in your formula SUM on that new line item. 



  • Hi, I think i need a bit more guidance!

    So my source module is: 


    My calculation module is below: 


    And this is where I'm struggling with summing the meetings by legal entity and products!

    Thanks in advance,



    you need to sum on the meeting mapping of your source module (and product, I think you should add that dimension to your LI item so it is the same as your module)