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Question please. Would like to ask if it is possible to have two formatting in one line item? for example (see ss below), the columns are line items and the rows are LIS. The GLA for 2018A and 2019B (9% & -3%) are percentage change variance while the Lease out rate formula is the difference of 2018A and 2019B (4p%ts & 1%pts). Thank you.




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  • anirudh
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    No this is not possible to do.

    However, if it is really a must have, you can format the line item to text and then use the TEXT formula to convert the number into text and concatenate the % symbol. Something like:
    IF Opstats = 2018A THEN TEXT(Number line item) & "%" ELSE TEXT(Number line item)

    Keep in mind that the TEXT formula can cause some artifacts when converting from number and test thoroughly

  • There are two ways to do it, if shove comes to push.


    The first method is the TEXT method which Anirudh noted. Note that the indentation for number is right whereas that for text is left. So it looks a little odd.


    The second way can only work in certain cases. you can create two different modules and publish them side by side. One would have all the numbers and other will have all the percentages. 

    Its quite common to see numbers and growth rates side by side and Anaplan should come up with some sort of conditional formatting around it.


  • Hi Anirudh, noted on this. Thank you.
  • Hi,

    Question again, I did get the text format for the % and %pts, however the values that I am getting are with decimal points. How can I get the values in whole number? For example:


     CY Act Vs LY Act (%)CY Act Vs LY Act

    here is the ss of the module:



  • If I times it with hundred, the text also counts the negative sign (-). How about for those values which has a positive (+) sign, I used the LEFT function.