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Consider a P&L view with Line items (Revenue, COGS, Profit etc ) as rows and Line Item Subset (Q4'19, Q4'20, Growth %) as columns.  You want to see quarterly numbers as number (ex: $10.9) but growth rate as % (ex: 5%) but on the same line (say Revenue). Its a fair and common ask. But Anaplan doesn't provide a easy solution yet.

It could be similar to conditional formatting where based on a numerical Line Item, formatting can vary (maybe still remain number through out). 

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  • This is a great idea.  I've previously had to create additional module(s) just to satisfy client reporting requirements where I was using a Line Item Subset (LIS) which had a combination of number and % formatted line items.  However, when I created say a collect module with Amount as my only line item, the LIS item which was originally a % formatted line item will only be displayed in the same format as the Amount line item in the collect (target) module.


    The way I'm thinking about this is that:

    • a secondary list should be able to be be formatted in the same manner as any Line Item;
    • the format selected for a line item would be set as the default format for the line item.
    • if any item on the secondary list has been formatted, then the format in the secondary list item would override the default format of the line item. 
    • The format override would only apply when displaying the line item AND the formatted item(s) in the secondary list.

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