COUNTIF Type of Function in Anaplan?


Hello, I am trying to figure out if there's a COUNTIF type of function that can be used in Anaplan. I have a line item that lists various years in number formatting and need to know, for example, how many times 1988 is shown throughout that module. Any help is greatly appreciated! Best, Chase Cantwell

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    One way to accomplish this would be to add a "Count" line item set to 1 for all cells, that you can use to SUM list formatted line items on. Assuming that Year Built is text formatted, create a list of your years and a line item formatted as that list, then do a FINDITEM(Year Built List, Year Built) to pull in the list formatted year. You can then create a module or line item with the Year Built List as a dimension and SUM on the Count line item you created previously. ex) Module.Year Built Count[SUM: Module.Year Built List Formatted Item]

    Kelly Reames