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I have 2 lists: 1) LIst of Funds (P3) and 2) List of Fund entities (P4) whose Parent is P3.

I also have a P3 details module that lists out the fund currency for P3 Funds.


My issue is, I have a module (P4) which I'm trying to pull the fund currency from the P3 details module - i've tried using PARENT(ITEM etc, but doesn't seem to work.  Can someone please assist?



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    I believe you were on the right track, if I am understanding you correctly.  In the module dimensionalized by P4, create a line item named P3 Link, formatted as P3, with the formula being parent(item of P4).  In another line item, you will use a lookup to get to P3.  So, if the line item in P3 is "data", your formula on the P4 module would be data[Lookup: 'P3 Link'].



  • Hi Rob 

    Your explanation makes sense but I can't quite seem to get it!

    I've tried: 'P3 Link' = PARENT('p4# Fund entities') with error: 'p4# Fund entities' is not a recognized line item or list member

    Also tried: 'P3 Link' = PARENT(ITEM(('P4# Fund Entities'))
    I've formatted to P3# Products, and applies to as well? 
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    On the P4 module, don't mess with the Applies To, that should still be the "-".


    P3 Link = PARENT(Item('p4# Fund entities'))