Show "Used in Page" reference in Modules Settings

As a model builder, it would be extremely helpful to have a "Used in Page" reference in the Module Settings to show where a module is used in a page, similar to the Used in Dashboard feature.  This would allow for much more efficient auditing and help tremendously with model cleanup. This is especially important since we an now change or delete a module title in the page, and when you click on "Source module" in the NUX, it does not take you back to the specific module.  Thank you! 

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  • It would be great if some dependencies between NUX apps and modules can be shown in a streamlined way.

    I find this quite challenging to be shown in the classic building interface...At least in the NUX app to be created some admin dashboards to show which modules are used in every page. 


  • This makes a lot of sense and helps to keep our models clean.

  • Totally agree. I am cleaning out some old modules and it is hard to know if it is used in new UX. Connection between new UX and underlying modules would be very helpful.

  • I was just about to create the same one, started working on New UX for the first time a few weeks ago and I'm already missing this feature.

  • +1

  • Hi everyone,

    We are investigating ways to surface this information via the New Modeling Experience in the future.

    Thanks for your feedback and votes on this idea.

  • Good news

    Thanks Chris !

  • Thank you!!

  • Still counting on this feature. Especially when filtering has been invloved.


    Hope this will be added soon.




  • agree with previous posts, would be very helpful feature for builders, and excellant Anapaln recognised and is looking into 

  • I am currently experiencing the same pain with trying to search for the modules that belong to each of the 50 pages we have for a client.


    I found a temporary solution until Anaplan figures out how to make a column to show what NUX pages exist, though it isn't automated, it works. 


    I finally found an actual use for data tags, I just copied the application page names and pasted them as text into the data tags, and marked each module with the corresponding page name. 


    It took a while but at least i never have to go through searching 50 pages for modules again 🙂

  • @ChrisM, any update on the investigation?

  • +1

    This would be SO helpful!


    @ChrisM Any news on this?

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the continued support on this item! We aim to launch a new 'Pages' interface in the new modeling experience soon that shows which UX Apps and Pages have been built on top of the current model. An evolution to that experience will include the functionality to show which Modules / Views / Line Items are used on that page in the current model.

    In the future as we refresh more of the modeling experience interfaces we will investigate how we can surface the information in the other direction (ie. Module > Pages) as requested here, as the first iteration will be drive from the Page (ie. Page > Modules).


    • Its hard to search for the NUX page where a

    module is published unless we go into Designer mode and checm in each card.While doing enhancements its is time consuming to have NUX page searched where a module is data would be helpful to have a feature similar to "Used in Dashboards" sort of field in Anaplan

  • Very excited about the Feb sneak peak, I think it will solve this issue! 


  • @EgeK  I think it's the first step in that direction...but it will show only the NUX pages where a MODEL it is used ( and not the modules) ...


    We all expect to see, for a module, in which NUX pages is published.

    Similar to "Used in Dashboards" column from the classic user interface. 


    I think the real useful information about the "Pages experience" feature will be to see the latest "Updated" and "Published" date.

    In my opinion, this information should be seen in the "App"  and not in the model experience. 

  • @alexpavel Yes, you're right! I think I misinterpreted the information, but at least it's going in the right direction, as you said. Hopefully this functionality will come soon!

  • I am posting the original request for enhancement as reference here: 


  • The "Used in Dashboards" column in modules should be used to look at NUX pages. This would be a useful enhancement since most customers are now using NUX. It is easy to trace module references, but no good way to identify where the module is being used in NUX pages without manually going through page by page. 




  • @cmahaffy - Completely agree and I believe there has been a shared consensus from the broader community that this is a definitive need.  A couple of other idea threads seem to be getting traction.  Check out:


    From the sounds of it, this is a roadmap item as part of the new model building experience.  They already launched the "Pages" section and now will iterate to add more content to show not only pages build on the model but the specific modules used on those pages. 

  • We really hope this system gives us updates.😍

    It's extremely hard to search "Whether lineitem is used as filter or not"


    Thank you

  • Yes! This would be awesome!! Really hoping we get some updates on this feature.

  • Yes, we need this to have full upside of UX!

  • This would be very useful!!!

  • kjacokes
    edited April 2023

    Any updates from the Anaplan product team on this? I assume its on it's way at some point in the future, but I hope it can be delivered sooner than later. The business case for this that the inability to identify modules that are (or are not) used in New UX pages increases the time, effort, and cost to manage the platform, whether that's in terms of internal employee resources or consulting resources.

  • You love to see it! :)

  • I don't want do discount my excitement that this looks to now be a priority for Anaplan to enact. That is great. However this is not something that Anaplan should be relying on the community to tell them.

    I am incredibly disappointed that this wasn't a high priority during the introduction of the new UX years ago.

    Incredibly. Not. Good.

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