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I discovered that graphs in the additional insights pane of worksheets are behaving differently than in boards. The time dimension in graphs doesn't sync with the selection. This means that you can select FY20, your worksheet grid will sync but you graph will still show you the entire model time range. This is intended behaviour according to Anaplan Support with the following explanation:

Time dimension synchronisation between the top Context Selector of a Worksheet, the 'FY20' selector you have is technically called a 'Hierarchy filter context selector'.

In Worksheets' Additional insights pane, only dimensions set as Page Selector will synchronise with the Context selectors.


I want to be able to sync such graphs (and any dimensions) in the exact same way as on boards. This enables a consistent experience to users.


Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 11.41.21.png

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  • @PhilippErkinger additional insight charts already sync with the main worksheet grid. They work the same way as Boards. Based on your example it looks like you have time on the x-axis which means you need to enable the hierarchy filter on the card for time which will then sync the time axis. The behaviour on Worksheet is consistent with the behaviour on Boards.


    I'm setting this to delivered as my understanding is this functionality already exists.

  • @sprender Nice, that's great to hear! I didn't hear anything back since my discussion with Anaplan support in September. 🙂

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