August 2020 release


Hi Anaplan Community,


Where can I find information on the flexible time labeling which has been released on August 8th 2020?

Flexible time labeling: Workspace Administrators can label the models they build out by calendar year (CY) or fiscal year (FY), to better inform end users about the timeframe certain models represent.


Thank you.



  • Hi @LouiseBourgonjon,


    I think you can input the label in the underlined field under Time settings. 


  • Thank you!

    I am actually looking for something more advanced for the company I am working for.

    For my use case I would need to be able to rename Anaplan months into periods, so P01 until P12 instead of Jan-Dec.

    This is because it's an international company and P01 in the US is consisting of partly Dec & Jan data, whereas P01 outside US is corresponding to Jan.

    Currently I am using my own list of Periods, but I would prefer to use Anpalan time so I can leverage Anaplan time functions.




  • @LouiseBourgonjon 


    I don't believe that there was any such feature to be released which would have allowed you to change the name of your months/time periods.


    As far as your use case is concerned  you will have to keep using your own custom lists because Anaplan as such doesn't have such functionality.