User full name in formulas


How do I get the full name of the user in formulas? I have a module with owner data and i want to check if the logged in user is the owner of the data eg: I have a property called "Primary Owner" I want to check if the logged in user is the primary owner of opportunity data. Instead of hardcoding the owner name I want to dynamically make the system do the selection IF Opportunity Owner = "Adar" THEN "Yes" ELSE "No"

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  • jeremiebrunet
    Hi Pradhap,

    A formula cannot return a different value based on the user who is connected, because for consistency sake, an individual cell has got to have the same value for all users.

    Have you looked at selective access to solve your case? You could make opportunities a child list of sales reps, and enable selective access on the sales reps list to give read/write access to the right user against each item of the sales rep list.

    Hope this helps.



  • Jeremy,

    Yes selective access was the way to do it. Got help from one of the anaplan(er) 🙂