Pivot conditional formatting multiple levels - format selected columns




Can anyone advise if it is possible to give conditional formatting only to the 1 of my column levels if there are multiple levels? 

I have the following columns:

Level 1: account (sales and ebit)

Level 2: scenario (act, bud, forecast, and variance to bud and forects


It seems i can only filter based on account, so it filters everything, but i only want the variance filtered.


I actually also tested if i switch the levels, (level 1 scenario and level 2 account), and I was able to filter again only based on account.

I checked the model also, I'm not able to select conditional formatting for some columns while disabling it for others...


See pictures attached


Thanks for any ideas!

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  • einas.ibrahim



    Great, I'm happy you got the help. 
    That's exactly what I was looking to see in the blueprint. I wanted to know if you were using native versions (can't be CF) or versions as line items.

    Good luck


  • Hi @kinga.markovics 

    Could you please share the blueprint of the module? 

  • Hi, 


    I actually got help from Anaplan support related to this while we were talking about something else. According to them, versions cannot be conditional formatted - only line items.


    So if i want to make it work for me, I have to create variance line items, instead of having them in versions.


    Thank you for trying to help though 🙂