Formula - Yes, no, n/a



How do I build a formula which states if a = b, then "not required", if a > b, then "yes", and if a < b, then "no".  

Thanks in advance

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  • jackcplanning

    Hi @CommunityMember113484 ,


    A simple IF statement may be what you're looking for:

    IF a = b THEN "not required" ELSE IF a > b THEN "yes" ELSE "no"

    Please keep in mind, to optimize the formula, place the earliest exit first. 


  • @CommunityMember113484 ,


    There are several ways you can technically achieve this.


    However, I would like to understand what is "a" and "b" in your statement?


    Number formatted line items without any dimensions? if so, your formula looks something like this: if a=b then "not required"(text formatted line item) else if a>b then "yes" else "no"


    Let me know if that helps.







  • Thanks, worked great!