Anaplan usefulness over others


Hi Friends,


We can perform What if analysis in Tableau.

So can't we directly import data from SAP and perform better data visualization there?


Tableau also can do Budgeting & Forecasting. Why do we need Anaplan in between? 


  • @Sravan_Kumar 


    Basic Diff: Tableau is Data Visualization Platform and Anaplan is a Planning Platform.

    Let's say for argument sake even if Tableau could do what Anaplan can (which is like apples to oranges) it would be just like any other competition.Anybody is free to choose any Tool/Platform.


    Now if you want to compare SAP with Anaplan that makes more sense because SAP does have it is own Planning tool. Anaplan has the brutal advantage over SAP that it is agile, easily scalable, easy to use, no special coding required and intuitive NUX.