Synchronize on a cell level rather the clicking all individual dimensions


If you show a module with multiple dimensions as row and/or columns and you display more details on the same page/dashboard it would be great if the system synchronize by clicking on a cell. This is intuitive behavior of end users.


  Jan 21Feb 21Mar 21
Customer AProduct 1   
 Product 2 15 
Customer BProduct 120  
 Product 2   
 Product 3  12

when clicking on 15, another module will sync on Feb 21, Customer A and Product 2 automatically to give additional insights.


In current setup you need to click on all 3 individual headers to reach the same.

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  • This should really be the default behavior. We often separate out comments into a field card on UX, and it isn't intuitive to have to click on a row and then one or more columns to sync the field card. We've had questions about this from our clients.

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