synchronization between cards in New UX

The grids cannot be synchronized without consideration of header context selector, which is possible in classic UX:
Let's take an example:
- I select a parent in the main context selector (on the top of the board): it's OK, even if really less easy than in classic mode to choose the hierarchy level of selectors,
- as a result, I can see all the childs of this selected parent in a first grid (on the rows): it's OK
- when I click on a row in this first grid (choosing a child), I should see the child selected (synchronized) in the second grid (the childs are in context selector position in the second grid), but this is not the case. The second grid synchronizes only with the main context selector (parent).
This is clearly a showstopper to migrate dashboards to NUX boards as this standard functionnality is used many times today in classic mode.
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