Model Builder 2/- TRA01 Shipping Time in Weeks


Been trying to figure out this formula but unable to due to the Year to week Lookup criteria . Any suggestions pls  

The formula for 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)' is invalid:

'Shipping Time (Weeks)' = YEARVALUE('DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)' [LOOKUP: 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.Current Period?]
Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.

Lookup Ref:

Source Target
P2 ProductsOkP2 Products
Ship MethodsOkShip Methods
YearLookup SYS01Week

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  • JussiLi
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    Hi @rmat066sysf

    YEARVALUE function is automatically retrieving year value from the source. It doesn't require (or even allow) LOOKUP function to be used with it.