INV04 Distribution Center Capacity




My Capacity %  numbers look weird, Am I missing something when calculating the beginning inventory. Pls refer to img.


Appreciate your help.





  • Hi @rmat066sysf 


    Is "Supplied By" is the Distribution Center line item . If so the formula is correct . 

    And % Full = 1 - Total Beginning Inventory / Distribution Center Capacity 

    Yes we see percentages like this . That is not an issue . 

    Perhaps you should recheck "Beginning Inventory" line item formula , weather the values are correct . 

    beginning Inventory = If it is not first week then it should be Previous(Ending Inventory) else Dat01.Beginning Inventory . Please re-check this as well. 


    Hope this helps .



    Puneeth HP 

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  • Hi Thank for your response.

    Agreed. Checked the beginning inventory formula and it is good.