INV01 Line Item: Forecast Demand




Getting stuck on this formula and I know it is so simple. I know I need to pull in values from my DEM03 module Line Item Demand Forecast into my Line Item Demand Forecast in INV01 Module. I just dont know if I should use a LOOKUP to bring that data in. Please advice.


My Formula

DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast[LOOKUP: ????]



Thank you


Best Answer

  • Puneeth H P

    Hi @neg177 


    I think formula type error . Theres two equals . thats why boolean it is taking . 

    Perhaps this SS would help . 




    Puneeth HP 

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  • Hi @neg177


    I think in both the modules we have common dimensions . 

    Forecast Demand is just a Final Forecast value only . It is a direct reference from DEM03 module Final forecast . 

    Forecast Demand = 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast .


    Hope this helps . Let me any further assistance needed on this .

    Thank you .



    Puneeth HP

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • Hi,


    Thank you for your reply. I thought that was the formula and used that before but I'm getting an error saying that my line item should be formatted as a Boolean. A screen Shot of the error is attached. 


    Thank you 

  • I fixed it. 


    Thank you for your help!