Enable scrolling in UX charts


Multiple Anaplan users have requested the ability to enable scrolling in UX charts / graphs.   For instance, if there are are numerous columns / bars to display, instead of always displaying all of them, enable that one can configure the width of each column (so that not all are displayed), but that a scroll bar is generated so that one can scroll to the other columns.


Example:  Here is a chart for display.   The first image shows how wide we would like each row rendered, but we don't want to take all that space on the board.  The second image shows what we see when we shrink the height of the card.  Instead of enabling scrolling, the rows simply tighten up and a number of the titles are hidden due to lack of space

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  • I support this very much, we have around 50 units in our company, we don't wish to show all of them at once, but for example to sort by the best or worst top 5-10 units. This would help a lot.



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