New UX - Ability for End Users to Show/Hide columns in Cards


Many of our end users used the classic UX to build reports and views that they would send along to others in the business.  They would end up doing this by showing/hiding certain line items/columns and using the pivot features.  Unfortunately they cannot do this in boards now.  This is a limiting feature for fully adoption. 

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  • Indeed, this is now possible in worksheet. It would be great if we can do the same using Board. 

  • yes, agree.  If this can be support in board, that will be helpful for biz team.  pls consider. thank you!

  • Yes please!  As a business leader, I can confirm my users will like this. 


    It would also be helpful if show/hide column changes persist like sort/filter.

  • Support for end user show/hide on Boards is currently in development and something we hope to be releasing soon. 

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