Create Planning Period Filters


Confused on which Line Item I'm building a formula for, I'm assuming both. Also this is the formula I used to so that the weeks in that month are selected as well when you select the month are as follows. Please advise.


MONTHVALUE('SYS00 Time Settings by Month'.Planning Period Filter),


Kind of confused why would not want to use WEEKVALUE if I want to show my Weeks. 


Thank you 


  • @neg177 


    That is because the source module i.e., SYS00 module is at Month level and not week level. If you wish to write WEEKVALUE in your formula the output will be zero



  • Misbah 

    Your insights are always so resourceful. The line item where formula should be used is I believe Planning period filter weeks only as we are converting months to weeks. 

    I had same doubt that why should we use MONTHVALUE & not WEEKVALUE. Thank you @Misbah!

  • @Shahenaz 


    When you are trying to pull the values from Top Level (eg., Month level) to Bottom level (eg., Week Level) there are two ways to do so


    1. Use LOOKUP on Month formatted line item from SYS Weeks module

    2. Use MONTHVALUE - Why this ? Because the source module from where you are trying to get the data is dimensioned by Months and not Weeks. So even if you write WEEKVALUE there is no data associated to Weeks in that module


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix 

  • Understood. So we follow format of source module and not target module. Thank you for all your help. Appreciate it.
  • Please confirm the below formulas please

    Planning Period Filter : 'SYS00 Time Settings by Month'.Planning Period Filter

    Planning Period Filter Weeks Only: MONTHVALUE('SYS00 Time Settings by Month'.Planning Period Filter)