Select and Lookup by Display name


Is there a way to use lookup by display name? I have a numbered list List B which has parent hierarchy is set to List A I have set the display name instead of the code. Module 1 : Pivot has: Pages : Line Items Columns: Country list, Sales list Rows: Storename List LineItem: Salesinfo                                               Country                                      Total Sales- toys      Total sales- elctornics   List A- Store name       11000                        5000                             List B- Location 1      6000                                                       List B- Location 2      5000                                                    List B- Location 1                                       2000    List B- Location 2                                       3000 I am trying to access the Total Sales- toys info of  location 1 using the formula in another module as below [quote]Module1.Salesinfo[LOOKUP: Storename, SELECT: Country.USA, SELECT: Sales list.'Total Sales- toys'] I get the total as 11,000 ( I assume I see 11,000 instead of 6000 because I am messing up by looking at the Storename as lookup instead of  Location name, but not sure how to look up by the display name) [/quote] Module 2:                              Format Store name            List;Storename Address                Module1.Salesinfo[LOOKUP: Storename, SELECT: countrylist.USA, SELECT: Sales list.'Total Sales- toys''] Location info         LocationList [quote]LocationList has Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 so on entries [/quote] I trited to create Lookup by Location info as below, I do not have the unique codes per location in this module so I have to use the second lookup by Location info [quote]Module1.Salesinfo[LOOKUP: Storename, LOOKUP:Location info, SELECT: Country.USA, SELECT: Sales list.'Total Sales- toys'] [/quote]but I get the error [quote]Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source [/quote] How do I select the Location 1 total ? When I try to show it in my module 2, I see the grand total of the Storename instead of the Location 1 total Please assist, thanks in advance