NewUX-possibility to "Filter" and "Show/Hide" context selectors when "Hierarchy Filter" flag is used


As a page builder, I would like to have the possibility to "Filter" or "Show/Hide" the context selectors for the lists that are in rows or columns sections of the layout of the grids and it was used the "Hierarchy Filter". 


When a list is in rows/columns section of a grid card or worksheet, it is possible to flag the "Hierarchy filter" option in order to have that list in the context selectors.  




However, the context selector created does not have the option "Filter" or "Show/Hide" similar to the lists from the "page" section of the layout of the grid:




Expected behavior:





I am aware that this is a known behavior, also published in the documentation, but is it possible to change this?


For a "board page," it is possible to find a workaround and if it is published in the same page another card with that list in the "page section" then, automatically, the context selectors are merged and the option "filter" and "show/hide" becomes available. 

For a "worksheet" page there is not possible this workaround. 


Usually, the "worksheet" pages are used for grids with a big number of columns and rows. In the rows section, usually are published the lists with a lot of members. It would be really useful that the user would have the possibility to choose the sync without being necessary to see ALL the elements from the rows, but only the upper levels elements. 


This can be seen also as a gap between "classic" and "newUX". In classic dashboards, it is possible to publish selectors only with elements from the upper levels of a hierarchy. 


I hope it will be found a solution to this. 




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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Critical functionality. Definitely something that would improve the user experience.

  • Agree with @JaredDolich.

    @sprender is there any estimation about when we can expect to see this implemented? It is really hard to explain to the users why they see all the months in the selector while they want to toggle between the years only... 

  • @filip.sypniewski it is something we are looking at. There are some back end challenges we need to work through however so we don't have a locked in timeframe at this stage. We are aware of the usability challenges in this area and we plan to address as part of our roadmap.

  • Working through this issue now as we upgrade some existing models to the New UX. The context selector is based on an 8 level hierarchy with the lowest level being the opp detail (under sales reps). When trying to select different sales reps the user has to scroll through the entire list of opps under each rep before seeing the next rep. 

  • Agree with everyone above this is really needed, I'm currently using a field card in the additional insights as a workaround but it takes away from the experience. 

  • I agree with everybody above, this is critical functionality. Without it, it's difficult to use worksheets. 

  • eang92

    Is there an update on when this can be rolled out?

    It has been on the roadmap for quite a while now, and we've been consistently getting remarks from end users that it is pain point for them.

  • Hi @alexpavel,

    This is my workaround for above challenge 

    For example, if L1>L2>L3 is having 3 levels of hierarchy and model builder published grid having L3 dimension. Now user wants to filter the published grid at L2 Dimension items. 

    Step 1: Now create a module(Test L2 in this case) with L2 dimension and then add line item(KPI L2 in this case) and format to "No Data". 
    Step 2: Go the screen where L3 grid is published and then add "KPI Card" and the edit that card Data Source: Line item > Module: Test L2 > Line item: KPI L2



    Step 3: Now Disable the Page Selector belongs to L3 Grid , So that we can see only page selector from KPI (i.e. L2 selector on top) and Publish. 


    In this way, we can sync hierarchy list from above levels. 

    I hope this will be helpful 🙂

    Vinay Kumar Gajjala

  • @Vinaygvk7 Thanks for the info.

    As I already mentioned, indeed for the "board" type pages there is a workaround for this limitation, but did you find any workaround for "workspace" type pages?





  • Great news! Applying a filter or show/hide direct to a context selector based on a hierarchy filter is now possible in the UX.

    Thanks for raising this idea.

  • @sprender Super news! thanks for letting us know!

  • Kudos 😎

    Already using for multiple dynamic context filtering and this is so helpful

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