Need Help on Line Item Formula Total Beginning Inventory




Need help with Formula. I have the following below. Please advice. 


'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Beginning Inventory[LOOKUP:'SYS07 Distribution Center Details'.Region]


Thank you 

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  • jake_cosenza_1

    Hey There -- 


    Is there a time dimension to this module? Do you need to also sum up items by region or lookup? Could you post a screenshot of the formula/module?

  • einas.ibrahim

    Hey @neg177 


    I’m glad you arrived at the right solution. That is always my goal, to help you understand the issue better so you can resolve it yourself. 
    If you still have any questions about a concept or a function, let us know.


    also, please mark any response that helped you better arrive at the answer as an "Accepted Solution" so others have an easier time when seeking help through the threads. 


  • Hey @neg177 


    I assume you are working on Level 2 training. 
    it would be helpful if you provide some context. This way we can help you faster. 

    now, you are trying to calculate the Beginning inventory Line Item in the INV01 module or another module? 
    I assume another module, in this case you have to look at your target module -where you are writing the formula- and compare the dimensions to that of the source module -INV01.
    if I remember correctly, you need to “sum up” the Inventory from the INV01.

    Reviewing the dimensions will help you.

  • I believe I figured it out. I used the formula below. Please let me know if I'm correct. 


    Thank you 


    'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Beginning Inventory[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Distribution Center]

  • great thank you so much, will do.