Error message L1 model building - 6 Module 6.6.5


The formula for 'SYS01 Time Settings by Year'.Forecast Year? is invalid:
Forecast Year? = 'SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period?
'SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period? is not a recognized line item or list member


I received this error message when I try to enter formula to the line item Forecast Year

And I am also not sure what do I have to do on module 6.6.4 when it asked to input dimensions: Time (Year)


Thanks for your help.


  • Try this again 
    'SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period?

  • Hi I tried but still it comes up with an error.

    Also what do I have to do with input dimensions: Time (Year)

    Thanks for your help.


  • hello

    in the Input Dimension : Time (Year)
    you just have to place all your versions, list and time in the pivot area. then coming to the modules cell area you will find a time scale section where you will get the options of changing time into year/months/days/not applicable options. choose the guided ones.

    all the best
  • in that case just try to log in again in the system. 

  • I have log out and log in again but it is still coming with an error message


  • It is still coming out as an error. Is the time scale that I have created correct?




  • Did you have a fix on this issue? Facing same issue but no response from anyone. My Balance Now

  • Have you ensured that your First module is named correctly? The naming convention should be SYS00 Time Settings.


    The instructions are not clear - I was able to correct this issue by renaming my module.

  • I am getting the same issue. It looks straight forward but I am not getting the two checks in Forecast Year?

  • Hi @VinceT ,

    What's the summary setting of your 'Forecast period?' lineitem in SYS00?

    If it's set to NONE, year level value can't reflect in SYS01.


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