Enhance "drill" capabilities based on Property and/or Line Item



Functionality to have synchronisation between a Line Item and a page selector. Select/mouse click the cell of a Line Item and the page selector adjusts itself.


Use case:

I have several customers which plan on transactional level. Think of that SAP COPA is imported into Anaplan. A transaction can have many (SAP) attributes: SKU, ProductCategory, Ship To, Bill To, LotSize, Color, TransportType, Buying Label, etc (whatever we may come across, just made up some examples). 


These transactions can rollup in multiple directions:


Ship To->City,

Bill To -> Customer,

Buying Label ->ProductCategory


As there are many transactions (Retail Industry), the planner needs to "see" more than the transactions. For instance to see the sum and/or individual transactions which have the same ProductGroup but by Buying Label for a buyer.

Or a logistics planner to have insight what to ship to which City at what moment.


Today I suggested the customer to use the Quick Filter on a module with a List Buying Label which rolls up into ProductCategory or alternatively, to add a Page Selector to select the ProductCategory.


However what the customer is looking for is a mouse click experience: on the Line Item ProductCategory in the module which has the List of TransactionID with Line Items like ProductCategory. That click on a Line Item should "reset" the page selector.



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