Numbered Lists and filtering


Hi,  I have created a numbered list with list formatted properties. When using such a list in a module or dashboard, is it possible to filter based on these properties?  Thanks Roger

Best Answer

  • roger.griffin1
    I think I have answered my own question.

    The answer is yes, it is possible. The way I achieved this was to;

    1. Set up another module with the numbered list I want to filter as a dimension and a number of line items with formulas referencing the properties.
    2. In the list I am trying to filter I filtered based on the module and the line item(s) I have just set up in step 1.

    Result: Anaplan now displays the filtered entries only according to the criteria I set in step 2.

    It would appear that Anaplan does not permit the filtering of lists directly, but if someone has a more elegant way of enabling filtering of lists I would be interested to hear.