For your assistance please. I created system mapping module for custom versions (List: Actual, Budget and Reforecast).

Scenario: I want to get the quantity difference of actual vs budget, in my Target module and I also included the custom verions in my applies to. I tried to lookup, apparently the values that I am getting is the actual data if it is actual and budget data if it is budget even if I included in my formula to subtract the two. Note that I did not used the Versions in the system, hence tried to created a custom version in the list.


target module


system module


Thank  you.


Best Answer

  • @DMManalili 


    Assuming you want the result for actual to be zero, shouldn't the formula be:  Quantity[lookup: Test SYS Custom Versions.Actual] - Quantity


    This should give you a zero for Actual because Actual Quantity - Actual Quantity is zero, but should give you 5000 for Budget.