Level 2 Sprint 1 - Add Formula to SYS13 Line Item



Can I please get some help with the formula for this?




  • 1)The formula should check the total of all product SKU volumes over all time periods 

    2) check if the value is not equal to zero. 


    1) You need to use Timesum() function to sum Product SKU volumes over all time periods, Review timesum() function  :  https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Calculation_Functions/All/TIMESUM.html 

    2) and the result you achieved using that function need to compare using a conditional operator to set boolean value true.

    Review conditional operator:




  • Thanks very much.
  • Can you share your formula? thanks

  • Hi, can anybody please help with this query?

    What formula is to be used?

  • Okay how did we get here?


    Reviewing the TIMESUM syntax, the example is:


    TIMESUM(TIMESUM line items.Number, 0, 4, SUM)


    so my latest try was: TIMESUM(TIMESUM Has Data?, -1, 0, SUM)


    which I thought would take data from each line which has a data in the Has Data? Boolean, from the last period (-1) to the current period (0) and sum it. 


    This suggestion

    IF TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes) <> 0 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE


    which works, doesn't seem to fit the syntax to me at all; how does it work?

    Also why are we referencing DAT03? Isn't this a filter to be applied?


  • Hi @jadefortunato 

    Both syntax are correct.

    In first you are asking anaplan to sum up the values across the time period of the module and then to check where the sum is not equals to zero.

    TIMESUM('DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Volumes) <> 0 

    In below syntax you are using three more arguments(start period,end period and aggregation method) along with Number line items. In current scenario it is not required to have these 3 arguments.

    TIMESUM(TIMESUM line items.Number, 0, 4, SUM)


  • I think it asked about all period, for dat03, isnt it only has fy19 data?