MAKELINK -Should be easy...


All right, I did the very easy Makelink modules and added it to a dashboard. What my "click here" button should do is direct users to a Sharepoint on our network where we made/created documentation related to our dashboards. If I make the URL it works. If I put our HTTP://Company Sharepoint URL (example: http//Sharepoint.blah.blah.aspx), all I  get when I click my button is "Sharepoint.blah.blah.aspx". Somehow the HTTP:// is removed and all I get is a blank page. Why is that?  Am I doing something wrong or is the company Sharepoint link the culprit? Thanks for any help on this. Cheers


  • Hi Thomas,

    Is it possible to send us the exact link you're trying to navigate to from your MAKELINK formula?  Or is your sharepoint site password protected?  If so, that may be the issue preventing the navigation from working correctly in your model.


  • Hi Thomas,

    We've seen something similar.  Does your company's SharePoint have a secured HTTP (is it actually HTTPS)?  We noticed that when we used the secured version it retained the HTTPS://, but when we used regular HTTP Anaplan natively stripped out the beginning.  Does that help?

    -Chris Weiss
  • An alternative to MAKELINK.


    I use this as the formula in a line item (format: Text,Link):  

    "[Display text here]" & MapID & "&c=" & TEXT(cntrLat) & "|" & TEXT(cntrLng) & "&z=" & TEXT(Zoom Level) 


    Note that this example website's address is followed by arguments "m", "c" and "z" for the mapID, center lat-lng coordinates, and zoom level.  The data for those comes from other line items.  


    MAKELINK simply isn't necessary.  

  • That's fine as long as you don't need to escape any characters in the arguments or the display text. The biggest value in MAKELINK is that it takes care of that. I'd also point out that sometimes browsers will remove the http:// prefix from URLs in the address bar, but leave https:// in so the user knows it is secured. You should get the full URL when you copy and paste it into a text editor - make sure it is well-formed and matches what you have tested with. Also browsers can be configured to resist navigating from a secure page to a non-secure one, or across different security zones.