how to get a value of last week in a quarter


please help.


we have scenario to get the value of a numbered field of last week in a quarter. For example we are in Q 1, we want the value of week 13 (which is last week in first quarter). 

do we have any functions available to get the value?

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  • Hi anilp,

    If you're using Anaplan time, set the Time Summary of the line item to closing balance
    This way, the quarter value will always be the value of the last week in the quarter

    Then in your destination line item, simply refer the quarter line item by using a quarter lookup

    Let me know if you need more help


  • Thank you anirudh for reply.

    that helps a bit. how i can identify last month in a quarter and based on that i need to pull the closing balance for that month.

  • Hello @anilp 


    What @anirudh was referring to is the following...

    Change the summary method of the line item -for which you need to obtain the last value in the quarter- from the default SUM to Closing Balance. This way, the value of each Q will be the value of the last week in the quarter.

    Now that you have the value you want in each Quarter, you can directly reference it and it will equal the value of the last week in the quarter. 
    Anaplan has native functions to reference Quarter values, but we don’t have a native function to reference Week x of the year. 

    assumption for that solution to work are:
    1. You should be using Native Anaplan Time.

    2. Module is dimensioned by weeks 

  • Hi,

    Try the formula in the line item month





  • I had no idea there was an END()