Picklist using System module instead of List




Is there a way I can use a system module as my driver in the picklist ?


Apologies, I can't find any related topics on this, please share if there are any.


Thanks in advance.



  • @tompatrick.ting 


    Yes and no..  The picklist can only use values from list properties, so it is best to have those list properties defined but be driven (populated) by a formula referencing line items in a SYS Module.



  • @tompatrick.ting 

    Have you explored using a line item subset to turn the line items in your system module into a list.

    You can then assign this to your pick list line item.

    However, without further details regarding what you are trying to achieve it is difficult to elaborate.

  • @ChrisAHeathcote  @rob_marshall 


    I will need to use the system module as i need to depend my dropdown based on the combination of two list.