Avoiding circular reference in Custom Time Dimension List

Hi Guys, I am using a custom time dimension list in a module as shown below. I am getting circular reference error when I try to fetch the "Ending Backlog of previous Period" into the "Begining Backlog of Current period". Is there a way to solve this problem without using the Native Time Dimension / formulas ? "PS- I have allready tried importing the Ending Backlog value of previous period into the beginiing Total Backlog (current period) by setting up IMports from a staging module. Its not working as expected."

  PY Apr - FY16 PY May - FY16 PY Jun - FY16 PY Jul - FY16 Formulaes
Beginning Total Backlog 0 78000 1114874.82 1114874.82 Ending Backlog (Previous Period )
New Orders 78000 1036874.82 0 0  
Total Adjustments 78000 1036874.82 0 0  New Order + Adjustments
Ending Backlog 78000 1114874.82 1114874.82 1114874.82 Beginning Backlog (Current Period) + Total Adjustments
Previous Period   PY Apr - FY16 PY May - FY16 PY Jun - FY16  
Next Period PY May - FY16 PY Jun - FY16 PY Jul - FY16 PY Aug - FY16  

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  • emilydunn
    Answer ✓

    You will need to map each period in the custome time dimension to real time. Then, complete the calculations in the real time dimension and pull the results back to the custom time dimension. It is also worth mentioning that the native time dimension is needed to do these sorts of calculations.

    Try the mapping and let me know how that works for you. Happy Anaplanning!