Check Which Range a Value Falls in, and Return an Appropriate Value




For each list member in SYS78 (screenshot 1; "Rows") there is a corresponding Baseline value. I want to have the system compare the Baseline value for each list member to the Minimum and Maximum values in SYS77 (screenshot 2), and depending on which range it falls within I want to pull the appropriate Factor.


So, compare baseline in SYS78 to the ranges in SYS77, and pull the appropriate ranges associated Factor into SYS78's Factor Lookup line item. How can I do this? 


Thank you in advance for any help.

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  • I was searching for that mini-lesson too 😊
  • @RobinSilk,


    You can simply achieve this by dimensionalizing your Tire list with the baseline module call it staging. However, your module tends to grow based on your set up.


    Then have conditional logic which gets the "Range Type".





    Now you can refer factor value in your final module with sum or lookup.


    Note: I have violated some of the best practices, please ignore.


    let me know if that helps.





  • Thanks! I haven't completed the Level 3 training yet, so this was new to me.