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For your assistance please. I want to add a "Description" in the column to identify the particular input item and will show as a dropdown list (description, example #1 - consumable item ). At first, I added in the line item but it should be in the column.  Is this possible? Thank you. 



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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    It is not possible to format the grid in the way you current want as you are trying to combine non time series data which contains properties of the list item with time series data which is the final calculation over time. Description does not require the time dimension but you are trying to combine them. 


    This is a common request when you are asked to do a straight copy from an Excel worksheet. Lets remember Anaplan is not Excel. 


    The solution here is to display the data in two grids. 


    • Separate out the description line item into a new module without the time dimension as this is not a function of time
    • Retain the time series module and the line items that require time
    • On a board both grids will synchronise and the data will update accordingly when the user selects the desired list item

    I would recommend that the description is place at the top of the board with the line item as the row and the list as a selector. 


    The time series data could be presented as you have it and when the list item is selected the description sitting above will change to show details of that line item.




  • @DMManalili 


    Pivot your line items to columns and Time to Pages. That should bring all of your line items to columns and if you are asking about only moving one of the line items to columns - that may not be possible

  • okay, but I need my Time to be in the columns and my line item in the rows.
  • Thank you 🙂