Saving Custom views in the User Experience


With new releases happening with custom views versus module views, it is more and more clear that Anaplan needs to enable page builders to save the custom views within the new UX in the same way you can with module views.  This would help model and page builders out tremendously to recycle views, edit views, etc.  Additionally, it would help the end user by enabling the view as a jumping off point for an end user to use in My Pages. 

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  • I have to agree with this. I think the fact that you have to switch back and forth mid build / mid thought really throws you off. 


    I know we have the capability to create custom views, but it would be nice to be able to edit previously created views. Some views also just translate--for lack of better phrasing--better in NUX and should be saved in NUX rather than in classic (If that makes sense).

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