Tool tip to show content of (another) Module/View


Customer: ACTION

Use Case: Currently on a classical Dashboard we publish a module/view which syncs with another published module/view to get attributes. Think of:

  • select a Product in the grid for entering your forecast quantities and
  • the user wants to know what the package size is, the color, what already bought quantity is

We normally publish the attributes in the classical Dashboard with another module/view which is consuming space. 


In the UX, for the Page of type Board this is the same, for Page of type Worksheet, this can be published in the Insight Panel.


The customer however is looking for another user experience:

By hoover over the Product item, to get a pop up showing the attributes. For flexibility, it would be best if we can have a tool tip referencing a module/view.


Ask: to add tool tips on items on rows and columns (in Grids) which can consume data from (another) module/view


Please see also other Idea Exchange items regarding tool tips

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