Separate into Several models




We will start a new project.

In previous project, we made 1 model in 1 workspace.

Off course, we have several models like (sand, test, Production model).

It means we had several information in 1 model like (HR, Marketing so on..).


Then, we can make separate models like HR model and Marketing models ?

And We can share the information(like Lists, Module,)?


I heard that my customer joined Hyper model plan.

Maybe it has 700-800GB.

IF my customer joined it , separating model does not mean.


But I want to know it.





  • Hello @hyudolee 


    You can have multiple models in one workspace. As long as the total size of the models does not exceed 130GB.


    With hyper models, you can have models in one workspace, total size not exceeding 720GB.


    Read these articles on Hypermodel for further information


    At present, List and modules cannot be shared across models, but we can recreate them and keep in sync.


    Hope it helps.




  • seymatas1

    Hi @hyudolee
    Since your customer purchased Hyperconnect, you have 720 GBs of workspace. However, it is a better practice to organize your models by use case (such as HR, Marketing, etc. ) for better efficiency.

    Building all use cases in one model can cause issues with user access management, model load times, performance, data integration, and disaster recovery.

    By separating models according to their use cases within your giant Hypermodel workspace, you will improve overall management and user satisfaction.

  • Hi @hyudolee
    Yes, you can definitely create separate models for different departments or use cases such as HR and Marketing within a single workspace. This approach not only helps in organizing your data more efficiently but also enhances model performance and user access management.

    Model Separation in Anaplan

    When you separate models by function, like HR and Marketing, each model can be tailored to the specific needs and complexities of its department. This separation helps in maintaining clarity and reduces the load on any single model, potentially improving performance and ease of maintenance.

    Sharing Information Across Models

    You can use lists and modules in a Datahub and keep them synchronized using Anaplan’s import and export functionalities or through integration tools like Anaplan Connect.

    Considerations with Hypermodel

    With your customer having joined the Hypermodel plan, you have a substantial capacity of up to 720GB in your workspace. This large capacity allows you to manage multiple complex models efficiently within the same workspace. While you can technically continue to use a single model due to this capacity, separating models by use case (HR, Marketing, etc.) remains a best practice for the reasons listed:

    • Improved Performance: Smaller, focused models are faster to update and easier to manage.
    • Enhanced Security: Easier to manage user roles and access rights on a per-model basis.
    • Simplified Maintenance: Updates or changes can be made in one model without impacting others.