How to refer a properties in formulas


Hi, How can we refer properties in formula


  • Hi Pavan!

    Can you be a little more specific as to what you might be looking for? Are you looking for how the formula was created? Do you want to understand the formula used in a specific area of your model?

    So information here maybe helpful:

  • Hi Emily,
    I have created a module with few line items
    e.g. A - Format List
    i want to refer one of A's property to populate the value for B on selection of a specific list value from A

    List Values      Property value
    1                            X
    2                            X
    3                            V
    4                            Z  

    so when 1 is selected in A the value of B should come as X
    This is what iam trying

  • You need to say
    B = List.Property[LOOKUP: A]
    where List is the name of your list and Property is the name of the property you want to get.
  • Livy@acn

    @peter_mcanena hi~

    B = List.Property[LOOKUP: A]

    the A, means a item in a LineItem of the List, is that right?

    thank you~