How to post a Month from current year to previous year




I have a scenario where I have to post a line item which is month formatted from current year and post it in previous year .


Module is by Year dimension .

for example - I select FY 20 as dimension 

Line item -entry is jan 19 ,

Result - Want to post jan 19 in Jan 19 (though I input in FY 20 as dimension) 


Post /lag works only on number . 


Thanks in advance !!

Best Answer

  • jasonblinn

    I am not sure that I follow the question completely, but it seems like the following achieve your ask:


    I have my Input Module, which as you eluded to is dimensionalized by Year, and I enter Jan 19 in FY20



    In my output module, I have 2 lines:



    My Line item Formula Shows that:  If the input from the first screenshot of the next year = the time period then display the time period. IF Input[LOOKUP: Year] = ITEM(Time) THEN Input[LOOKUP: Year] ELSE BLANK

    The Year line item would be better suited in a Time Setting Systems module but wanted to put it here to make the screenshots more concise. This just takes the current year and adds 1 so that we get next year as the result. 


    As you can see, I select Jan19 in FY20 and See Jan 19 in Jan 19 now.




    If I Change FY20 Value to a different month, then it appears in the corresponding month. 



    Let me know if this isn't what you are looking for.