Custom Timescale Filter instead of Time Period Drop Down


Current Timescale Selection

  • Current UX: Selecting a year (e.g. FY20) in the page filter will will sync any worksheets to January - December. There's no native way to show something custom like the trailing 24 months.
  • Modules/Classic dashboards: manually show/hide dates, or apply a filter which you'll have to do for every module view. Filters are also lost when repivoting.

Proposed Timescale Filters
I'd like to propose an inputted timescale filter that's native to all modules and UX where users can set:

  • Start and end period range to display
  • What time rollups they want to see (month, quarter, year)
  • Easily select to show rollups after or at the end
  • Preset ranges (trailing twelve, ytd, etc)

I've built this filter solution as a module and the inputs create booleans that I can then apply to modules. The filter module has a user dimension so everyone's view is personalized. All my classic dashboards have this, but it would be wonderful if this was a native time filter in the menu bar for both modules and NUX graphs. We also use the time inputs in TIMESUM formulas so users can see the aggregate or specific time periods. 


For example, I've inputted a time range of 24 months for our Feb-Jan fiscal year and only want to see quarter and year rollups. The result would give me:






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