Fix screen formatting when scrolling to bottom of module


I am sure i am not the only one to experience this bug/issue.


The problem when in Admin view or Classic UX:

When scrolling to the bottom of a module (one large enough to require scrolling to see the line items at the bottom of the module) the bottom-most line items can not be reached using the scroll bar. To even see these line items you must select a visible line item and use the down arrow keys to reach the bottom-most line items. It looks like the auto-calculate bar which appears automatically is causing the issue.


The solution: Allow the scroll bar to reach the bottom-most line items such that ALL line items are visible. 


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  • 100 % agree with this. There seems to be a general bug reaching the far most items in Anaplan using the scroll bar. The difficult part is that it's not consistent. Sometimes I struggle with and sometimes it works perfectly fine. 



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