How can I get hands on training on Sales Performance Management modules


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Would like to know the learning path for Sales Performance Management. Is there a way I can simulate sales plan, quota setting, forecasting in a test environment?

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  • Hi  @Murali2020 


    There is no specific Sales Performance Management path. There is only one learning path:


    Following that path, the model that you will have to build for Level 3 includes concepts from SPM such quota and account planning per Sales rep.


    If you are interested in learning what Anaplan can do for SPM, my recommendation is to start by completing the Certified Model Builder trainings (Level 1, Level 2 and TWA) so you will grasp good understanding on how Anaplan works.  Then you can download the pre-built Sales models from the AppHub, since these models already included most of the algorithms for advanced SPM:


    By finding out the processes behind these models from the AppHub and by understanding the models and trying to introduce your own enhancements to them, you will achieve a high level of understanding of this topic.


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  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing the learning path and steps to acquire good understanding of Anaplan SPM.This is quite helpful.

    Really appreciate the quick reply.