"Restore Page" button in the New UX


Having a "Restore Page" button in the New UX, like the "Restore App" button that saves Apps up to 30 days. Emailing support@anaplan.com every time you accidentally delete a Page is not very convenient. In other words, too much damage could be done to an App (by deleting a Page) with 2 clicks.

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  • Actually it's worse than this. Once a page is deleted it is impossible to restore, or at least that's what has been communicated on the Anaplan side. 

  • Certainly would help a lot of my clients. This is a show-stopper issue. 

  • It's a pain to explain to clients why the model works differently than the application with respect to history.  This would be a great feature enhancement!

  • This is a huge issue. I lost six and a half hours worth of work due to not having UX page restore. Someone had an old, unrefreshed version of a UX page open and saved over all of the work I had done. Beyond that, restoring a model will desync any UX pages based on that model.


    This is a seriously huge gap in Anaplan's new UX. I would strongly encourage Anaplan to make this a priority.

  • Ta1vien

    We have 2023 and this is still not available - very disappointing.

    It's a super basic feature which you expect a product like Anaplan to have.

    Support told me there is nothing they can do, this has to be a joke for sure…

  • Any update on this?

    In my efforts to refresh UAT model from Prod Copy i also deleted the orginal UAT and of course my entire Category of UAT-only screens has disappeared. They have all my latest work and unlikely i can remember what i did. At minimum the pages should remain but be corrupt. Then offer the option to assign a new model. This is terrible guys

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