HIde Line Items using filter


Dear all,


I have a module with >30 line items. Is there a way to add a bolean to a dashboard that allows me to filter on either all lineitems on the module or to show just a subset. I am trying to replicate the Group/ungroup option in excel.


I have looked through the form but cant see what I am looking for?


thanks in advance



  • Hi,

    You can create a line Item subset and create a filter module dimensioned by it.

    Using a boolean line item you can select which line items to show.

    However, this will only work for number formatted line items.



  • @Michael.downer,


    Create a line-item subset filter to filter off the line items in the dashboard.

    However, the limitation here is line-item subset works only with a number formatted line item.

    then publish a line-item subsets module with a boolean line item for user selection in the dashboard

    Let me know if you need further details.





  • As mentioned, using Line item subset for number formatted LIs is a way to do it.
    Additionally, if you want to avoid posting a filter with 30 LIs, you can create a second Boolean LI with a formula that refers the first input boolean.
    This way you can group several LIs to be opened by one Boolean.

    For example, if you several Units-related LIs (Units, Units runrate, Units growth % etc.) you can link them to the Units LI in the subset.
    This way when you set Units to be true all of them will be opened together.

    The formula gets a bit dirty, but the interface will look cleaner.

  • Thanks everyone. The main issue is that I have a mix of Line items types (Boloean, numbers, dates and text) so the below options wouldn't work for me.

  • A trick I have used to do something similar before is to create a special time period which I use to do filtering.  I will create a new LI that goes in between the current LI you want to filter and makes a reference to one special time period so that I have something like:

    IF START() <> Admin Module.Special Date THEN PreviousLI ELSE IF Expand Boolean THEN "Any text" ELSE BLANK .  Then have a filter setup to look at that time period so it hides those rows if the LI on special date is blank.  I would not make this a central part of a solution, but if this is the one last view that a team needs.  This also means you There are a few maintenance issues with having a special time period and it leaves a potential bomb around for a future workspace admin as that special date will fall off the calendar or be part of normal planning at some point.  Replace Date with a special member of a list if it is not time based.