NUX - Migrate all previous formatting functionality from Classic UX to New UX


Hi All,

I am having a bit of trouble sorting through all of the various ideas relating to NUX and formatting, so I have a simple request to migrate all previous formatting functionality from Classic UX to NUX.  If this is the plan for the roadmap, then having an idea of timing (or even that it is on the roadmap) would be helpful to be able to communicate to clients.  I am finding that I am having to use saved views in the model more often than not to populate the NUX pages due to complicated filters, etc. Then, when I need to make a change on NUX, I have to flip back to the model, rework, save and refresh vs. just being able to edit in the NUX.  In addition, I like the NUX conditional formatting options better than old, but I cannot apply them to a view that I had to create in the old UX (Module Views)...unless I am missing something...which is entirely possible.  Things that are notably missing right now:

  • Filtering on Line items
  • Setting specific column widths - NUX ability to drag column widths is great until you have nested dimensions in a view.
  • Copy Across and Down
  • Limiting features for each module (e.g. ability to insert, delete, open source module, etc.)

 Thanks, JZ

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